All Hi-Def installations are being handled strictly via E-mail in order for me to ensure that you receive everything that you want in your order.

Do NOT send me money via google wallet for this. Money is only accepted until after the mod-work has been completed and thoroughly tested. 


I neither provide or sell the Hi-Def kit. Navigate to Game-Tech's Store to make your purchase.
Hi-DEF NES HDMI Modification for Toaster and Top-Loader systems:

The Hi-Def NES kit adds MANY features, this is not a complete list:
  • Menu access via controller
  • 3 output resolutions: 480P, 720p, 1080p!
  • HQX filters for audio that can be enabled/disabled
  • Adjustable edge cropping
  • Adjustable horizontal positioning
  • Controllable volume level for each audio source
  • 3 selectable palettes
  • Several scan-line options

Any hardware and/or components removed during the installation will not be returned unless stated otherwise.

I make no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, missing products, operational failure and/or damage from a product sent to me via E-Bay and/or 3rd party seller. Doing so is at the customer's own risk.

Hi-Def NES Installation Service

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