I present to you the ultimate in PsOne Modifications. Pre-modded and ready to rock! 

My PsOne systems are geared for players and Speed-Runners who will not sacrifice video quality for perfect compatibility. 

All PsOne systems have been refurbished by Lord Voultar and are in excellent operational order. 

  • Laser assembly has been properly calibrated via oscilloscope. 
  • Laser assembly is OEM and very fresh! No Chinese junk in my systems. Laser's been further tuned to read various recordable media reliably for those precious, sexual burns. 
  • Laser sled has been serviced and maintained.
  • Direct Booting of all media!
  • Native Composite Sync output, no stripping! C-Sync replaces Composite Video and has been properly shaped and attenuated for use with consumer grade equipment. No need to spend a fortune on expensive SCART cables!

Systems may exhibit cosmetic wear, including but not limited to: slight discoloration, scuffs and scratches. 

Includes the console only! Power adapter, A/V cable, controllers and/or memory cards are not included. 

Did I mention that the composite sync signal is properly shaped and formed?  No sync-strippers and is 100% compliant with SCART spec which will not blow out your scaler and/or device. 

Shipping will be calculated once the order has been made. 

Stealth PsOne Mini w/ proper C-Sync Mod

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